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Brand-new online course released: Pattern Master Academy!

Learn step-by-step how to attract and work with repeat pattern design one-on-one clients and prepare yourself for success as a pro textile designer with systems and tools that will save you lots of time and boost your confidence.

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Which course will work the best with the courses you already own to speed up your progress and make your creative goals a reality this year?

Well, my creative friend, I decided to create a quick guide for you! :)

If you have a goal to...

learn how to design vector repeat pattern collections and sell them online as your own business.

> Then you will LOVE my where you will learn step-by-step how to design repeat pattern collections in Adobe Illustrator and start selling them online while building your creative lifestyle business. RECOMMENDED AS A FOUNDATIONAL COURSE #1 IF YOU ARE STARTING OUT. (This course DOES TEACH how to design vector repeat patterns and pattern collections and how to save and sell them online on various qwebsites).

If you have a goal to...

learn how to attract and work with pattern design one-on-one clients and license your artwork directly to them as well as improve your pattern design skills.

> Then you will benefit from my - Take your repeat pattern design skills to the next level and become a pro at repeat pattern design client projects. Master your design and creative business systems workflow, and successfully work with design clients + contract, invoices, client emails templates! RECOMMENDED AS A FOUNDATIONAL COURSE #2 IF YOU ARE STARTING OUT. (This course does NOT teach how to design vector repeat patterns but does teach how to improve the quality of your designs and make them more interesting and complex).

If you have a goal to...

grow your pattern portfolio to 500+ or even 5000+ designs (awesome goal!)

> Then you will really benefit from my ! It will help you start every vector repeat pattern and every pattern collection quickly and confidently with 12 matching vector repeat pattern layout templates for Adobe Illustrator CS4+ and CC versions.


> You will really enjoy my ! It will quickly teach you 15+ ideas on how to quickly create more and more versions of your existing vector repeat pattern to grow your pattern design portfolio really fast by creating versions of your repeat patterns in Adobe Illustrator.

If your goal is to...

sell your pattern designs on more shops online to maximize income from each pattern you create and earn more passive income with your art (amazing goal!)

> Then you will really benefit from my It will help you learn the best websites to license your repeat pattern designs on as well as the worst websites to stay away from based on my 15+ years of online art licensing experience with my top pattern examples for each website.

If you have a goal to...

learn how to become productive as a creative person, find more time for your art, and speed up your work

> Then you will find my very helpful. It will help you master how to stay creative every day while being productive and living a balanced life.

I invite you to enroll in any of the above online courses and start creating your pattern collection 100% ready for selling online over and over again using the systems I teach in them.

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    About Oksancia:

    Hi! I am an owner and the designer of Oksancia Textile Design Studio and School. My passion is to help creative people express their vision and connect with their customers by creating unique and beautiful repeat patterns and collections for their products.

    So honored to have over 1500 students across all of my online courses and that this school has received a 2019 Teachable award.

    I illustrated 2 published children’s books and the products with my designs were for sale at Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, CVS pharmacy.
    My design portfolio consists of more than 10,000 vector illustrations and pattern designs and I collaborated on more than 100 client custom design projects.
    Also, I am a happy wife of an amazing man and a mother of a sweet little girl. Together we love to make arts and crafts, read funny books and travel while collecting creative inspiration and adventures.

    Grow, love, and create!



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